Bio and Abstract

Marty Rosenblatt


B.A. in Physics from UCLA   1964

M.S. in Physics from UCLA   1966

Overview of Work Experience

1.  Mr. Rosenblatt began his technical career in 1963 working for a computational physics company called Shock Hydrodynamics, Inc.  He left, with three other individuals, to form California Research and Technology, Inc. in 1972.

2.  He was a founder and Vice President of California Research & Technology, which was acquired by the Titan Corporation in 1987.

3.  Marty was a Vice President of the Titan Research and Technology subsidiary of Titan Corporation.  He managed a group of 20 scientists who developed and applied sophisticated computer programs for analyzing high-energy problems of interest to the Dept. of Defense and NASA, e.g. hypervelocity impact and nuclear weapons effects.

4.  He was a founder, CEO and senior staff scientist of PhysiComp Corporation (1994) and its internet subsidiary called EMANATE.  PhysiComp and EMANATE were acquired by an internet company in April 1996.

5.  Marty is President of Physics Intuition Applications Corp and the writer/editor of the online magazine, "Connections Through Time".

6.  Marty is Chief Operations Officer of the Applied Precognition Project (APP)

7. Intuitive Investing and Applied Intuition Workshops Teaching Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) for predicting future event-outcomes.

8.  Marty was moved to write a novel about the future development and incorporation of psychic phenomena into society.  The novel covers a 100 year period, 1980 thru 2080.  The online version of Ours To See is available free for anyone interested.


"80% Long-term ARV Hit Rates? Viewers, Judges and Group Managers."

ARV protocols abound.  Each new protocol is launched with the expectation that it will do better than previous ones as measured by Hit Rate performance.  They often start out doing quite well, and yet, by the time they reach a few hundred trials, the overall Hit Rates all tend to be in the 55% - 65% range.  Why can't we break this barrier and move up to a 80% Hit Rate sustainable over the long-term?

I will discuss why I have come to believe that the "magic of precognition" is not in the protocol.  I suspect when we put all the pieces together for successful long-term precognition, many ARV protocols will work at the 80% level.  The magic is in the people applying the protocol and their relationships.  The magic is in the ever-challenging, empowering, and self-activation/realization aspects of precognition.  I will show and discuss Hit Rate data when things went right and when they went wrong. Our challenge is to keep it going right for the long-term.